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The logistics industry is fragmented, and nowhere is this more true than in Asia. Blinkfreight has been custom built to ensure logistics providers increase their operational efficiency, lower their overhead costs, and maximize customer satisfaction.

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We offer a simple, incredibly easy to use out-of-the-box
dashboard for Freight Forwarders


See all shipment data and real-time statuses in one place.


Easy-to-use interface to facilitate daily business operations, right at your fingertips


Maximize profitability per shipment

blinkfreight platform

Blinkfreight is everything you need to level the logistics playing field

Book end-to-end ocean freight or air freight shipments at any time, from anywhere. Manage all of your containers, bookings, documents and more, all in a single platform.

Shipment Visibility

Real-time Management

24/7 Customer Service

Integration Ecosystem

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